About Me

What qualifies me to blog about the church? One word…nothing. In fact, I’m not even 30 yet (which in my mind you must be at least 30 to be an expert on anything). So, what’s my greatest accomplishment?…maybe that will give me some qualification. Well, not really. My great accomplishment is…NOTHING. In fact, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me wasn’t done by me at all. The greatest accomplishment was God rescuing me from my sin. That is the only thing that qualifies me to write about the church. Without Christ, I am nothing. I am simply some dude from Arkansas trying to find my place in the world.

God has given me a passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled on an everyday basis in the life of every believer. I firmly believe the way God has orchestrated this to happen is through the local church. God is calling his church back to himself, and I am just wanting to be apart of how he is moving.

God has been gracious to me by giving me a wonderful family that I don’t deserve. Currently, I reside in Jonesboro, AR working as a bank teller on mission for the gospel. I will start a church planting residency with Fellowship Jonesboro (fellowshipjonesboro.com) and Soma Communities (wearesoma.com) in August.



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