Camp or No Camp???

Chris - who's life was changed at camp.

Chris – who’s life was changed at camp.

Last Thursday, I returned from a tiring, grueling week of summer camp. There were many ups and downs to the week which got me thinking: is summer camp really worth it? I’ve heard compelling arguments on both sides of the equation.

After weighing the costs and benefits, I have decided the answer is…drumroll…YES, you should take your students to camp. With the help of one of my college students, Justin Anaya – a summer staffer at FUGE camp in Houston, I have determined 7 reasons summer church camp is worth it.

1. God moves.

God saved 4 from our group alone! Need I say more?  Also, God got a hold of many students throughout the week. I saw my students moved by God much more than any other time during the year.

2. Free from problems at home.

It’s no secret many students’ families are a mess. Camp is a safe-haven of sorts – a week removed from the stress and problems that arise from the broken, sin-filled home. Camp provides an undeniable God-centered atmosphere that enables the students to see God like they never would otherwise.

3. Build relationships.

It’s hard to build meaningful relationships with students that are drowning in the busyness of life. When at camp, however, there are ample opportunities to talk with students on a deeper level than, “Hey, what’s up dude?!?!” (Not that anyone says that anymore…).

4. Other Godly Men and Women.

Megan, who gave God her relationships.

Megan, who gave God her relationships.

I know my students get tired of hearing me say the same thing over and over even if it rings true. Summer camp is a place where other godly men and women can pour into your students. Those men and women are there to aid you in the cause.

5. Learn more.

Never pass up an opportunity for students to learn more about God and his Word!

6. Meet other Christian Peers.

Students hear and experience other Christian students give their lives to God. Sometimes, this is the most powerful evidence of the gospel. Much to my chagrin (most of the time), students listen to other students more than me.

7. God speaks to you, too.

Why not use camp as a chance for you to grow closer to God as well??? God doesn’t just speak to students. He convicts and draws you too…and sometimes this happens through a student!

Agree or disagree? Any reasons for or against summer camp you can add?



  1. I agree camp has it’s struggles but the reward is well worth the work, sacrifice and who knows it may just change your life as well. Just remember to go into it with the focus on Christ and what he’s gonna do threw you and for your kids.

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