Don’t Waste Your Lunch


Many student pastors eat lunch daily and use it as a time to zone out for 30 minutes to an hour.

What’s wrong with that?

It’s time wasted. What is more effective use of that time???

Building relationships.
Studying theology.
Staying current on events and news.
Reading that book you’ve had on your desk for the last couple of months.

These are just a few items that are always disregarded for more pertinent items of business. I have a solution!

Don’t waste your lunch!

First, build relationships at lunch. Every chance I get, I try to go to lunch with a student, fellow colleague, or another student pastor. Lunch provides an opportunity to speak to one another in a non-threatening atmosphere while hitting on more difficult subject matter. Furthermore, food gives you a conversation piece right off the bat! After all, who doesn’t like to eat???

Second, lunch is a great time to study theology. You may be thinking, “I only have 30 minutes to an hour, how am I supposed to study theology???” Simple. Videos. I watch videos of lectures or interviews with theologians. This day and age, there are many avenues where you can watch free lectures. A couple of sites I use are and They both have several videos with some of the brightest theologians of our day. Also, in addition to lectures iTunesU actually has complete classes where you can download additional content along with the lectures. And all this is free!

Third, stay current. The internet is where information is spread these days (in case you didn’t know that). Surf the web during lunch! Read,,, blogs, etc. I try to read news from various places because every website has a certain slant, and they all report different stories. As a minister and Christian, you must stay up to date with the current events to be relevant, and lunch is a great time to do that.

Last, read. I know I know, you can’t read a whole book at lunch. But chew on this this, you have 30-45 minutes a day for 2 days a week (assuming that you won’t be reading every day at lunch). I read about 20 pages in 30 minutes and I’m a slow reader! The average book (not theology book) is about 200 pages. At 40 pages a week, you will have read a book in 5 weeks and that’s just if you read it at lunch twice a week! At that rate, you’d read 10 books a year just at lunch! (Need I continue?!?!)

Lunch is a great time to get stuff done that’s not necessarily work. Use it wisely.

What are some suggestions you have? Any other times during the day you use wisely instead of wasting?



  1. Hey great post – good reminder of how to redeem time zones that can be overlooked! Do you think that we can create too much pressure to be always thinking, learning, building, doing? Could just eating your lunch and zoning out be exactly the sabbath you need some days?

    1. Excellent point! I do believe it’s good to have a sabbath once and a while at lunch. After all, thankfully, we live in freedom under Christ and not legalism.

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