Why Christian Organizations Struggle (and always will)

lightstock_130961_xsmall_user_5326376Recently, The Gospel Coalition (TGC), a website and organization I respect and follow regularly, made some waves when it dismissed Tullian Tchvidgian and his blog from the website. All over and through the blogosphere you saw opinions coming down on both sides of the argument. Some were calling for TGC to recant and go back. Others were in support of TGC and saw it correct to dismiss him. A few weeks ago the organization World Vision caused a major earthquake amongst Christendom by announcing their employees could file for gay marriage. All of us have either been apart of or been affected by some sort of disdain within the local church or organization.

All Christian organizations have problems. People will be hurt, hearts will be broken and relationships damaged. They always have and always will – that is until our Christ returns. If you do a brief history of the church, you will see schism after schism, some big and some small. Some of the schisms were fought for good reason and some could’ve been avoided. No matter your view on how big or small the conflict is, you cannot deny that there are problems. So, why will there be so many problems?

1. Christian organizations are comprised of imperfect humans.

Face it – people are not perfect. They make mistakes, many mistakes. I’m not talking about sin here (we will get to that later). I’m talking about nothing more than mistakes. For instance, the organization hires the person for the job who they thought would be perfect but ends up not working out. Or an organization with the best of intentions implements the wrong strategy for reaching the masses that actually backfires. Men and women are not perfect nor can they see into the future. People make mistakes and those mistakes can be harmful.

2. Christian organizations are comprised of sinful humans.

All people are sinners. Period. Therefore, as long as Christian organizations have people in them then there are going to be problems. I am speaking of much more than a simple mistake as I mentioned earlier. Not all mistakes are sins but all sins are mistakes plus much more. To boil a sin down to a mistake is downplaying the power of sin. Sin is shear rebellion of God. When people sin, there are consequences – sometimes dire consequences that cause major problems. For instance, pride creeps into the life of the leader of a prominent organization and causes the downfall or split amongst the members. When sin entangles, the organization is damaged.

3. Satan HATES Christian organizations.

This is on another level. So far each one of the points have been building on each other and this one is no different. Satan will use anything and everything in his power (and he is powerful) to cause the organization to stumble. We are at war, and just as in World War II Japan used Kamikaze pilots to take down ships in the Pacific, Satan will use any means necessary to take down pieces of the organization. Personally, I know this to be true. It’s amazing each time God would move in a big way, it would be counteracted by a huge conflict within the church. Christian organizations are spreading God’s word to the nations, helping the widows, orphans and poor and providing a haven for hope for the down and out. Satan hates this and will try to destroy it.

Thankfully, the victory has already been won and Satan has been defeated. Jesus said “it is finished” for a reason. God’s church will prevail and his mission will go forth, but it’s not going to be easy. So, if you are a part of a Christian organization, stay strong because struggles will come but we do have a savior who is more powerful than the enemy.